Thank you to our Generous Supporters!

Our Many Donors:

The Food Coop – Donation and ongoing support

Jefferson County Public Works Solid Waste Division – Initial program funding and administrative support

Washington State Department of Ecology – Initial program funding

Quilcene School District – Program Funding

Linda Davis/FIELD interns – Building garden shed for Quilcene school

Quilcene PTK – Funding garden shed materials

Port Townsend Education Foundation – Funding for Grant Street greenhouse

Jefferson County Farm to School Coalition – Volunteering on many levels

Boeing Bluebills – Building the Grant Street greenhouse

WSU Master Gardeners – Garden tools & supplies

Mt. Townsend Creamery – Donations of one days sales

Local 20/20; Beyond Waste Committee – Compost and worm bins

Al Cairns – Grant writing, fence posts, straw bales, worm bin, fruit trees & shrubs

Jane Kopriva – Matching challenge donation

Kathleen Mitchell & Scott Landis – Matching challenge donation

Kit Kittredge – Quilcene greenhouse, materials and many volunteer hours

David Vohs – Building greenhouse benches, worm bin & chicken tractor

Huck Simeon – Building greenhouse benches & raised beds, Quilcene

Dennis Daneau – Videographer

Henery’s Garden Center – Seeds & discount on garden tools & supplies

Henery’s Hardware – Discount on tools, materials, compost cans and bags

Hadlock Building Supply – Discount on garden tools

Lisa Doray – Garden class assistance

Finn River Farm – Field trip, berries, bicycle powered grinder

Janet Aubin – Farm tour, blueberry picking, compost

Joanie Beldon – Garden assistance

Joy Wentzel – Parent/School Garden Liaison

Jesse Winsheimer – Volunteer Coordinator

Arrowleaf Web Design – JCF2S Website Design/Development/Maintenance

Quinn Bailey & Counsel Langley – Fencing

Wildwood Farm – Apples & compost

Short’s Family Farm – Grass fed beef & washed manure

Kory Winshiemer – Fence mending, sink hook up

Jim Poore & Mark Pokorny – Building sink stand at Grant Street

Dented Buoy Pizza – Pizza making in Quilcene

Holly Kays – Sewing garden flags and a sail

Jim Guthrie & high school shop class – Building compost bins

Midori Farm – Vegetable starts

Pettit Oil – Oil drums for greenhouse

Biringer Nursery – Fruit trees

Carol McGough – Compost bin

Norma Bridges – Photography

Dick Schneider – Vegetable starts

Peggy Albers & Michael Aubin – Cider press

SOS– Discount on printed materials

Jennifer Jackson – News articlesBeth Cahape – News article

Elevated Ice Cream – Ice cream for open house

School Superintendents – Quilcene: David Anderson, Port Townsend: Gene Laes

School Principals – Quilcene: Jim Betteley, Grant Street Elementary: Steve Finch

Garden Helpers – Thanks parents and friends who volunteer with students and at work parties!

Our Supportive Teachers:

Quilcene: Michelle Moriarty, Eric Jorgensen, Betsy Hart, Dan Moore, Phil Davis, Forrest Thomson, Joe Whitsett, Larry McKeehan, Linda Vliet, Rene Olson, Charles Baker, Traci Kaiser and more…

Port Townsend: Daniel Molotsky, Dorothy Stengel, Peter Braden, Dawn Braden, Mary Wilson, Molly O’Brien, Bonnie Stenenhjem, Sheri Shaw, Cleone Telling, Marci Van Cleve, Cheryl Garnett, Bill Niekamp, Linda Morris, Sarah Walker, Allen Fox, Lois Polley & more…

Our Supportive Staff:

Quilcene: Veda Wilson, Chuck Johnston, Gary Hitt, Pam Mack, Susan Lynes, Janet Ackerman, Dana Morger, Shea Harrington, Cindy Pollard & Carl

Port Townsend: David Herrington, Mark Sperrazza, Lisa Anderson, Carol Flickinger, Sally Talbert, Michelle Bartl, Justin Gray, Judy Harwood, Melissa Love, Lunchroom Carol & many more…

Americorps Volunteers: Anna Webster-Stratton, Ellen Sabina, Elise Heikkinen, Cali Keck & Leora Stein