JC Farm to Schools Committees

We would love help with our various committees. Some already have a point person who organizes the committee’s activities (see names in parentheses), while others are still in need of someone to step forward.

If you are interested in participating in one or more committees, please visit our Get Involved page and use the online volunteer form. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Anna, will contact you as help is needed. Thank you!

Grant Street & Quilcene Gardens:

Help with School Gardens. Tasks include gardening, working with children in garden, cooking projects. (Candice Cosler & Alex Moro)

Event Planning:

Plan and oversee events to promote and educate the community. (Brwyn Griffin & Candice Cosler)

Gleaning Project:

Glean fruits and vegetables to use in the schools. (Seth Rolland)


Raise funds to overcome financial barriers to starting a Farm to Schools Program.

Liaison with Parents and Community:

Keep parents and community members informed and involved. (Joy Wenzel & Pam Trail)

Grant Writing:

Write Grants to support a Farm to School Program in schools.


Work on educating the community about Farm to Schools. Events, publicity, articles in the paper, promoting idea at events, etc. (Brwyn Griffin)

Current Events:

Monitoring local, state, and national events happening that support Farm to School.

Volunteer Coordinator:

Coordinates volunteer support for Farm to School and School Garden programs.