Seattle City Council adopts Seattle Farm Bill Principles, providing guidance to the Federal Government

Seattle City Council President, Richard Conlin, continues to show his support for a vibrant food system in the region.

On Monday, the Seattle City Council adopted resolution 31296, supporting the Seattle Farm Bill Principles as policy guidance to the Federal Government in the renewal of the 2012 Farm Bill.

“One of my main goals as a Councilmember is supporting public health, economic development and protecting our environment, all essential to the viability and livability of our city and our economy,” said Council President Richard Conlin, Chair of the Regional Development and Sustainability Committee and sponsor of this resolution. “We hope that Seattle’s actions will serve as a model for other jurisdictions, and that they will follow our lead.”

Seattle, along with other municipalities, faces multiple health, social, and environmental problems connected to food.  In 2007, up to 11 percent of adults in Seattle ran out of food.  In 2008, the incidence of obesity in King County adults was 21 percent. Currently, 42 percent of Seattle’s public school students are enrolled to receive free or reduced meals. read more…