A Food Revolution in Seattle Schools?

Eric Boutin knows his way around a good kitchen. The son of a chef, he grew up cooking and waiting tables. Eventually, he managed a restaurant. Now he’s a member of Slow Food Seattle and an advocate for whole, healthy foods. 

Those are unusual resume details for his newest job, nutrition director for Seattle Public Schools. But in an age of White House gardens and food revolutions, Boutin’s arrival may signal a sea change in school lunches, notoriously known as food wastelands. 

Before coming to the state’s largest school district, Boutin held the same spot in the Auburn schools, where he was hailed for moves like bringing in fruits and vegetables from local farmers, promoting conversations that led to a ban on chocolate milk at elementary breakfasts, and supporting a student garden meant to supply cafeterias. (He’s also worked in various Eastside school districts, as well as with a software company specializing in the food service industry.)

Seattle’s Child recently chatted with Boutin about his goal to bring healthier foods into the schools – and what barriers he faces. read more…